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In June, ISEF doctoral student Shula Molla, and ISEF alumnus Yoav Lalom received the first annual Sami Michael Prize awarded to individuals whose work promotes an egalitarian and just society in Israel.

Shula Molla, a Jerusalem educator who chairs the Israel Association for Ethiopian Jewry, was recognized for her work to combat discrimination against the Ethiopian community, and for her leadership and service as a role model, particularly for the younger generation.

Award judges noted that Yoav Lalom was honored for his “unswerving commitment and courage in his struggle to eradicate discrimination in the Haredi educational system on ethnic grounds, and to ensure full implementation of the principle of equality in Israel’s educational system.”

The Sami Michael Prize is awarded by the Sami Michael Foundation. The ceremony was held in Haifa, in the presence of Sami Michael and Mayor Yona Yahav.