For more than four decades, ISEF was there when a young student has goals to achieve, dreams to fulfill, for the future of ISRAEL.

Continuity of Support

ISEF  is there every step of the way, from undergraduate degrees to doctorates and even postdoc; 30% of ISEF’s scholars go on to earn advanced degrees.


Effective Support Systems

Our students say: “ISEF is my second family.” ISEF’s safety net offers emergency funds, academic assistance, and extra support for army reservists.


Strong Peer Network

ISEF  is a place to belong in the unfamiliar world of the campus, where students from immigrant families can feel out of place.


Leadership Training

Students overcome shyness, learn to take pride in their heritage, master public speaking, and become leaders and doers.


Community Service

Teaching and mentoring  over 3,000 at-risk Israeli youth transforms ISEF students from “needy” to “needed.”


ISEF Gets Results

Twenty-five percent of all Israeli university students drop out—but at ISEF, 95% stay in school and get their degrees! ISEF empowers underprivileged young Israelis to reach their full potential.


ISEF Transforms The Face of ISRAELI Society

Thousands of ISEF Alumni now hold key positions in all walks of Israeli life—including  members of Knesset, college presidents, leading medical researchers, architects, thought  leaders, IT innovators, and founders of major NGOs.