Edmond J. Safra Scholarships

Each year, ISEF awards Edmond J. Safra Scholarships to 400-500 deserving bachelor’s, master’s and Ph.D. students studying on 20 campuses throughout Israel.

These students, who hail from distressed urban areas and development towns, are selected based on socio-economic status, academic excellence, and prior history of volunteering in their communities. All ISEF scholars must also have completed army or national service.

At ISEF, the scholarship check is just the beginning. ISEF becomes a student’s second family –– a home away from home. Support options include:

  •  Emergency financial aid (medical or other family crisis);
  •  Financial and academic support during military reserve duty;
  •  Assistance for purchasing textbooks and laptops;
  •  Professional academic tutoring, aptitude testing, and psychological counseling;
  •  Access to internships and international study opportunities;
  •  Prizes for top scholars and for leaders of ISEF’s education projects ;
  •  Group identity formation through on-campus meetings and celebrations.

Thanks to ISEF’s programs, more than 95% of  our scholars graduate, and that some 30% go on to pursue advanced degrees with ISEF’s support — a testament to their tenacity and the high caliber of talent ISEF develops. This is an extraordinary result, particularly for students from impoverished homes.