Adopt A Student


Adopt A Student

The key to ISEF’s continuity is in the hands of our next generation of leaders!

We all get charity mailings that say things like, “$45 will enable a poor family to buy a cow and be self-sufficient.” It makes us realize how little it takes to make a real difference.

But if you’re a lover of Israel, you know that cows aren’t the issue. What can you do for Israel that will maximize the return on your investment?

The answer: Support education. Brainpower is Israel’s greatest natural resource, so improving access to higher education is vital for Israel to be safe and to prosper. Thus, by educating a deserving young Israeli who can’t afford college, you make the wisest possible investment in Israel’s future.

But isn’t it expensive? Israeli universities charge about $2,400 a year – a fraction of U.S. college costs. Yet even this sum is out of reach for underprivileged young Israelis.

So here’s the deal: You can change a life — and help Israel survive and thrive. Adopt an ISEF student, knowing that ISEF’s time-tested support systems and leadership training programs are guiding them towards success.

Cost: about $46 a week, or $200 a month – but because your donation is tax-deductible, it will cost you even less! You could even “set it and forget it” via a recurring monthly charge. You’ll receive regular updates from your student, and if you visit Israel, you can even meet in person.

The return on your “investment” will be priceless: the thanks of a young Israeli whose life you will have transformed – and the knowledge that you are helping to assure Israel’s well-being into the future. Truly, a great deal!

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