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Oshrit Birvadker is an Indian foreign policy specialist and an ISEF-sponsored scholar since her undergraduate days at Bar-Ilan University till today, when she is a Ph.D. candidate in Bar-Ilan University, researching geopolitical changes in the status of the Indian diaspora. Her awards include the Rector’s Prize and Outstanding PhD Researcher from the Israeli Academy of Sciences and Humanities.  A frequent contributor to Tel Aviv University’s Institute for National Security Studies,  Oshrit is also an expert speaker, advisor, and consultant to ministries and companies concerning India’s strategic and foreign affairs. Ms. Birvadker is the founding editor of ‘The Global Indian: Between South East to Middle East’ blog.  She has also been a regular guest columnist for “Ha’aretz” and other leading newspapers. Ms. Birvadker has devoted her life’s work to advancing the status of Israel’s Indian Jewish community.

Oshrit is fluent in her family’s Indian dialect and uses it in her frequent work trips to India.