EventsISEF Alumni

Last month, a meeting of selected ISEF scholars took place in Be’er Sheva. A few days later, staff training was held for EX-CO employees who chose to take part in the program and expose the ISEF trainees to the high-tech world. Miri, EX-CO’s CEO, led the training and brought each current employee present back to the age of 15, and to the feelings that enveloped them as adolescents. With this training, the employees are better able to remember their mind state before they began their professional careers and will thereby be better prepared to work with ISEF students whose professional lives lay before them.

We are looking forward to a brilliant co-operation with EXCO that will help connect participants to the high-tech world. The project is a way to fuel the aspirations of ISEF scholars who reach high and take every opportunity to accomplish their goals.