ISEF AlumniNews

We are extremely excited to share that our very own ISEF VP, Rotem Cohen Kahlon, was named one of Globes Top 40 under 40 this week!

Rotem started her journey in ISEF as a student, worked as the director of the doctoral program and the alumni network, and was promoted to VP in October.

As a teenager, Rotem saw how those who come from homes that struggle financially do not have the same academic opportunities as those that come from more stable communities. She knew that merely calling out the issue was not enough and she was determined to tackle the problem from the inside. She moved fast! After graduating, she was a specialist in foreign relations in the local government, from there she moved on to become a spokeswoman for the Prime Minister and then joined Israel’s parliament, and then became the Parliamentary Adviser to the “Kulanu” Party (All of Us Party).

As busy as she is, she still manages to find time to volunteer as a member of the city council in her hometown of Ramleh and has future aspirations of becoming mayor.

We have always been impressed with Rotem, now everyone else will get to be dazzled by her, her accomplishments, and her ability! Congratulations!