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Meet Three of ISEFs Superstar Alumni!

Meet three of ISEF’s superstar alumni who were at this year’s Future Of Healthcare Innovation Conference which was organized by the Sheba Medical Center, ARC, and MDClone.

Dr. Orly Salama-Alber: A doctor of Biochemistry, a principal investigator, and the Director of the Liver Disease Laboratory at Sheba Medical Center, Orly did her postdoctoral fellowship through ISEF in Canada in the field of chemistry.

Dr. Itsik Francis: A principal at OurCrowd Investment Fund, Itzik holds a Ph.D. from University College London where he studied Epigenetic Mechanisms in Alzheimer’s Disease.

Irma Kuperman: A Physical Chemist with a master’s degree in physical chemistry and an MBA in business administration. Irma is a private investor with a large portfolio of medical companies and a member of the Shoham Partners team that supports technology companies in the medical field. In addition, she is also the Director-General of the Israel-Sweden Chamber of Commerce.

Wow! What amazing accomplishments!