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Her colleagues and mentors describe her as bright, motivated, a quick learner, and a top percentile postdoc. Natalie is an ISEF-Fulbright fellow studying physical chemistry and applied physics at Columbia University.

This pioneering religious woman physicist and mother of four is the daughter of immigrants to Israel from Iran. Natalie earned her B.Sc. in Physics and Medical Engineering from the Jerusalem College of Technology, her M.Sc. in Applied Physics from The Hebrew University in 2013, and her Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry from that institution in 2020.

She is now starting her second year of a three-year postdoc at Columbia University, where she is working to develop a breakthrough technique in nanotechnology in the Schuck  Nanophotonics Laboratory at Columbia University. This technique will enable the control and investigation of light-matter interactions on the scale of a single nanometer—a feat never achieved until now. Her work has the potential to impact various fields of technology.

Natalie is an outstanding scholar who exemplifies the amazing capabilities of women in the scientific world. She also sees teaching and cultural exchange as a priority and uses her knowledge and teaching experience to expose young individuals, and especially young women, to be interested in science and pursue scientific careers. Congratulations Natalie on all of your accomplishments, and thank you for inspiring the next generation of female leaders.