ISEF Israel Celebrates!

In June, ISEF Israel celebrated 45 years of working to promote excellence among promising youth in the socio-geographical periphery of Israel with an amazing evening event.

In addition to a hilarious performance by Israeli stand-up comedian Israel Katorza, ISEF celebrated Nina Weiner’s 89th birthday, and ISEF graduate Daniel Ben-Simon hosted the awarding of 3 medals of honor awards to inspiring women in Israel.

The ISEF Award for Philanthropy was awarded to Judith Yovel Recanati, founder, and chairperson of the NATAL Association, which is the leading professional establishment for the treatment of trauma victims and their families, founder of the Gandyr Foundation, and many other projects for Israeli society and the promotion of philanthropy.

The ISEF Award for Business was awarded to Yaffa Nussbaum, one of the founders of Lilit Cosmetics, the leading cosmetics group in Israel for over 80 years. Yaffa’s vision and determination have led the company to impressive achievements while contributing to the community in a variety of projects.

The ISEF Award for Research was awarded to Dr. Vered Padler Karavani, a graduate and member of the ISEF Board of Directors, who established the Glyco-Immunology Laboratory for Biomedical and Cancer Research at Tel Aviv University, a recipient of prestigious EU grants for groundbreaking research to identify and cure diseases.


Thank you to the hundreds of participants, including businesses, distinguished guests, and alumni who came to celebrate with ISEF.