Ms. Erbes Mizrahi is a Founding Partner and President at James & Co., an executive search firm specializing in media, entertainment, sports, and media technologies. Previously, she was with the world’s leading Executive Search Firm, and prior to that, she worked at Lorimar Television. Before coming to the United States, Ms. Erbes Mizrahi worked in Product Management at Unilever in Istanbul, Turkey.
Roysi holds an MA in communications management from the University of Southern California and a BA in international business administration from the American University of Paris.
She has been a supporter of ISEF since 2002 and joined the ISEF board in 2006. Currently, she serves as the chair of the ISEF Governance Committee.
Roysi’s involvement with ISEF exemplifies the characteristics of leadership, devotion, and commitment. Roysi often speaks of ISEF Co-Founder Nina Weiner as a source of inspiration and a person who encouraged her leadership. As an active member of ISEF’s Board of Directors Roysi has initiated the establishment of the Personnel Committee. Her leadership has set a wonderful example for the younger generation of ISEF supporters, and for many women in the Jewish community.
Roysi was honored with the ISEF Award for Young Leadership in 2009. She lives in New York City with her husband Volfi Mizrahi. The couple has two children- Jessica and Joshua.





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