As a young CPA in the mid-1960s, Joe Rose visited Israel twice as a professional auditor. This transforming experience prepared him for involvement in several organizations that financially support education in Israel. While Joe pursued a career in accounting and real estate, his wife, Paulette, devoted herself to academia and antiquarian bookselling. Together, they have traveled to Israel nearly one hundred times to reinforce their commitment to further higher education.

In addition to serving as treasurer of ISEF for the last 30 years, Joe has held several positions as a board member of the American Associates of Ben-Gurion University of the Negev and is currently a national vice-president. He is a past treasurer of the Bronx Museum of the Arts and a member of the Board of Trustees. Paulette and Joe have worked together on behalf of Israel Bonds– being honored for their efforts– and have hosted events for the Friends of the IDF, the American Friends of the IPO, and Food For Needy, Inc.

The Roses have two sons, David and Ian. David is married to Laurie and they have two daughters– Samantha and Annie. Ian is married to Ellen.



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