Carlos Benaim has been actively involved ISEF for two decades. He was elected President of ISEF, succeeding founding President Nina A. Weiner, in December 2017. Prior to that, he served as Chairman of ISEF and also chaired ISEF’s Strategic Planning Committee.

Born and raised in Tangiers, Morocco, he trained as a chemical engineer before embarking on a fabled career as a perfumer. He is famed throughout the world as the man behind a host of timeless classics, including Ralph Lauren Polo and Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds.

ISEF’s mission, to educate fine young minds from underserved communities, is more relevant to Israel’s future success than ever before. At a time when the quality of education in Israel is losing ground in comparison to other countries, our insistence on academic excellence is crucial. Beyond the scholarships we provide, the ISEF leadership program works to cultivate strong identities and pride in the multicultural backgrounds defining our students.”

Carlos Benaim has also been involved with many Sephardic causes.  His wife, Dr. Darel M. Benaim, a licensed psychologist and psychoanalyst, is likewise a member of ISEF’s board and co-chairs its Program Committee.

Deeply concerned about the disparity in educational opportunity in Israel, and committed to the struggle to educate Israel’s immigrant and underserved youth, the Benaim family has established an endowment fund in ISEF honoring Eskandar Manocherian z”l,  the father of Darel’s Benaim, to underwrite scholarships for advanced professional studies at Ben-Gurion University.

The Benaims have three sons, Joshua, Daniel, and Alexander.  Joshua is an active leader of ISEF’s Young Professionals.



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