Next Generation

The key to ISEF’s continuity is in the hands of our next generation of leaders!

Founded in 1999 as ISEF’s Young Leadership division, Next Generation boasts hundreds of young Jewish professionals from diverse cultural backgrounds, brought together by their shared love of Israel and commitment to ISEF’s mission.
“We are dedicated to bringing a dynamic spirit of unity and a fresh perspective to tackling the educational problems facing Israel today,” says Katrin Yaghoubi Sosnick, founder and former co-Chair of the Young Leadership Division, and currently serves on ISEF’s Board of Directors. “In addition, we offer members great opportunities for social and professional networking.”
Today, ISEF’s Next Generation provides exciting and enriching social programming for Jewish young professionals throughout the NY tri-state area.

Our  motivated young leaders have gone on to serve on ISEF’s Board of Directors and various committees, pursuing their unique interests within the organization and developing as leaders.
ISEF’s Next Generation hopes to mobilize motivated New York professionals in support of ISEF’s scholarships and education program.
“ISEF upholds our collective commitment to intellectual development and curiosity, which has been one of the primary gifts of the Jewish people,” says Joshua Benaim, Next Generation (below).

Get Involved

Meet other young Jewish professionals who share your love of Israel, enjoy professional networking opportunities, and take an active role in ISEF’s future. Whatever your interest or skill set, you can help ISEF grow through a wide range of initiatives: plan special events, develop marketing tools, advance ISEF’s visibility on Facebook and Twitter.

Connect to ISEF in Israel

If you are planning a trip to Israel, studying abroad on an Israeli campus, or know someone who is, please contact us so that we can coordinate your visit to one of over 30 exciting projects happening in nearly a dozen communities all over Israel. Whether you are staying in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, or Haifa – there are ISEF programs for university and college students, children, and youth that you can experience first hand.
Contact us to learn how you can connect with ISEF in Israel and find out about volunteer opportunities during your Israel stay!