A New Year Message from ISEF

On behalf of the entire ISEF Board and Family, We wish you and your loved ones a new year, Blessed with health and happiness…

Meet Asmarech Alemo, ISEF Scholarship Winner

Today Asmarech is a leader in ISEF’s Luna and Selim z”l Benardete Bridge to College project, inspiring others by her example to graduate high school and qualify for college.

LIVE FROM ISRAEL! Awards Ceremony for ISEF’s Outstanding Students

ISEF’s outstanding fellows usually come together for an award ceremony at the end of the academic year.

Celebrating ISEF at 43 Years

Celebrate ISEF’s 43 years of hard work helping Israel’s youth to succeed in their lives.

ISEF Student Tamar Laytman volunteers with Magen David Adom

Tamar Laytman, a fifth-year medical student, is a shining example of the many ISEF scholars ‘answering the call’. She shared a video clip while volunteering…

ISEF Alumnus Professor Ronni Gamzu Appointed to Address COVID-19 Related Deaths

Professor Ronni Gamzu is a shining example of how ISEF scholars from immigrant backgrounds become leaders and doers.

Exclusive interview with ISEF alumnus Dr. Yitzi Biton

ISEF recently interviewed Dr. Yitschak Biton , ISEF alumnus and senior cardiologist specializing in interventional electrophysiology at Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital, Jerusalem.

ISEF Graduates Making A Difference

Dr. Osnat Akirav visited New York in March 2018 to address the UN’s 62nd Session of the Commission on the Status of Women…